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New Lawn? No Problem.

Whether your lawn is compromised by weeds, disease, or simply needs repair, we can help. Many residential customers call us after a home or service project has disturbed part of their yard and it needs restoration to match the rest of the lawn.  We offer lawn installation services to accommodate full or partial lawn renovations. We utilize high quality seed and strategic scheduling to ensure a successful, healthy lawn grows in.

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  • Soil & Site Preparation: Removal of existing turf,  finish grading, seed bed preparation
  • Sowing: Seed placement and coverage
  • Cultivation: Provide watering schedule and maintenance instructions to the homeowner
  • Follow up: We return to address any bare spots


In Maryland, we have hot summers, cold winters and a variety of droughts and saturation in between. That calls for a hardy seed choice that can withstand the extreme weather, and germinate quickly – fescue. Fescue takes root fast, which is important for developing a turf free of weeds. 

Fescue can become established without an exorbitant amount of water, and is easier to maintain than some other grasses. Their deep roots make them drought tolerant and their ability to survive in a variety of soil conditions make fescue a hardy choice.

Bluegrass is an excellent seed to add to the lawn mix because it complements the strengths and weaknesses of fescue well. While Bluegrass requires more water and fertilizer need, it has a better ability to repair and spread itself compared to fescue.  Adding 5% Bluegrass to the seed mix is a great strategy for developing a resilient turf that can thrive with moderate maintenance. The diseases that attack one grass likely will not impact the other, making the turf diverse enough to survive and still look good throughout the seasons. 


  • To ensure success, we perform lawn installations in early September through the end of October. We do not perform lawn installation in late spring or summer. 
  • It takes approximately 2-4 weeks for the seed to germinate and grow, and 5-6 weeks before the lawn can be mowed
  • Following lawn installation, the homeowner must adhere to a watering schedule we provide, which includes additional water needs to account for droughts during this time of year.
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