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Rejuvenate a Struggling Lawn

You’re not alone. Many homeowners face a common issue – the grass in their lawn is struggling because of hard, compacted soils. This is a natural occurrence resulting from regular foot traffic, weather, and outdoor projects. As the soil compacts, it makes it more likely for rain to runoff quickly rather than penetrate the soil. Once the soil becomes compacted, it makes it difficult for grass roots to grow and access oxygen, water and nutrients from the surface. If you find your soil is hard, water isn’t draining as it once did, or your grass isn’t doing well, it may be time for aeration and overseeding.

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Ventrac Aeravator

Aeration & Overseeding

AERATION. No other service offers greater benefit to the long-term health of your turf.  While this service can be offered in the spring it is most commonly performed in the fall.  Aeration relieves soil compaction caused by traffic and weather, allowing nutrients, water, and oxygen to reach below the surface.  This benefits the turf by strengthening the root systems, allowing your lawn to be healthier and more tolerant of heat and harsh seasonal conditions.  Combining this service with overseeding keeps your lawn healthy by filling in bare spots and introducing new growth.  

OVERSEEDING. Offered as part of our aeration service, overseeding is the second of a one-two combination that will set your lawn on course to perform and look better each spring.  We only offer this service in the fall, as the soil and air temperatures this time of year are the best for promoting germination and growth.  Our equipment is designed to be both efficient and effective in providing high seed to soil contact, increasing germination, and resulting in a thick stand of genetically diverse turf grass.

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One way we set ourselves apart from our competitors is in our process. You can spend a lot of money having work done on your lawn, but if quality seed doesn’t make good contact with the soil, it won’t matter much. We don’t take shortcuts by renting  ineffective equipment and purchasing cheap seed. We’ve invested in the equipment necessary to get the work done right the first time.

Proper Aeration Requires ​​State of the art equipment

We utilize world-class equipment - the same you would find on a golf course. The equipment employs a coreless technique that relieves compaction and deposits the seed in the ground. The seed to soil contact is rated above 90% - much higher than most other equipment on the market.


If you don't use certified seeds, you're introducing weeds and non-native grasses to your turf. Yes, it's more expensive, but with the cheaper blends, the germination rates aren't guaranteed. You'll see the blue tag on our seed bags: USDA certified seed, high yield, high disease resistance, high drought resistance, with zero weeds. It's worth the investment to get seed that takes root and survives.

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